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Next Steps

Our process consists of three easy steps:

1.  Determine the amount needed for your business project.

We can certainly help you figure this out as well!
2.  Complete an application using one of these three options:

     - Option #1 - Submit the business loan application on the next page, OR 

     - Option #2 - Print and sign PDF document and email to (, OR 

     - Option #3 - Print, sign, and fax signed document to (952) 470-4708

3.  Assist the partner bank by providing all due diligence information they request.  The following information will be required:

     - 2 years of company financials (income statement & balance sheet)
     - 2 years of business tax returns (only first 10 pages)
     - 1 year of personal tax returns (only first 4 pages)
     - Current P&L statement and balance sheet

That's it!  A member of the Nantucket Financial Staff will be in frequent contact with you throughout the process and will work hard to help you fulfill your financing needs.

Nantucket Financial
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